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Nerve Deafness Resolved After 50 Years! I have had a dead nerve in one ear since I had measles in the early 1960’s. I’d always been told nothing could be done and am completely deaf on one side. I went to see Dr. Julie for a hearing test to make sure my ‘good ear’ was still ok and she told me about a new technology called CROS technology.

The way it works: I wear a tiny aid behind both ears. The aids take all the conversations, etc. that come into my dead ear and pipe them over to my hearing ear. It’s FABULOUS! Now restaurants, classes, seminars, even walking outside is so much easier. I no longer appear rude to those seated on my deaf side, my husband can walk on either side and I can hear him, it’s life changing and no one can tell I wear them! Now I live comfortably in my world. Thank you so much Dr. Julie!


My family has worked with Dr. Julie for several years and she and her staff are wonderful. My daughter and husband have both had unique issues that she has dealt with and it has made all the difference in the world. Fantastic people!!!.


I am a very particular person when it comes to my hearing. When you have a loss like mine, you seek the best in the field of Audiology. Dr. Julie is determined to work with her patients, strives to find the perfect balance in your hearing world. She’s seen me though my analog hearing aid days, fitted me with the best digital aid and recently fitted me with a new aid in an ear that hadn’t been amplified since I was two years old! Dr. Julie is a Rock Star at what she does! This lady and her staff are extra special to my family. I have no doubt you will be beyond satisfied with Dr. Julie’s expertise, professionalism and the attention her staff extends is heartwarming. I have referred friends to this Audiologist and always hear back from them telling me, “THANK YOU” for sending us there!


I have been seeing Dr. Julie for almost 4 years and I can’t say enough sincere good things about her and her 2 office mates, Peggy and Wendi. I can recommend her and them to you without reservation and if you have any hearing issues, do yourself a favor and choose Dr. Julie.  They make you feel like family and treat you like a friend!!


Flatirons Audiology is a patient centered private practice. Dr. Julie and her staff are very welcoming and provide highly professional diagnostic and tinnitus services and customer care. Dr. Julie is a highly qualified Doctor of Audiology who knows her stuff! The most advanced technology in hearing healthcare and tinnitus is available at Flatirons Audiology.


Dr. Julie and her fabulous team of professionals are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. If you have any hearing or ear-related needs, Flatirons Audiology is the real deal!


I would recommend Dr. Julie and Flatirons Audiology. They love their patients and it shows in their care. You will be happy here!


Flatirons staff and Dr. Julie are wonderful! I highly recommend them for your audiology needs.


Dr. Julie changed my life. Even though I had hearing aids, I was not able to use them. I could not hear and she showed me what I was missing. Wow! Because my the culprit of my hearing loss means regular adjustments, I see Dr. Julie pretty often. Each time is funny, wonderful and takes care of my sweet tooth (have you heard about the cookies she bakes!?). Dr. Julie keeps her eyes out for new technology that can improve my hearing loss and it is clear she genuinely cares beyond my ears. When it comes to audiology, Dr. Julie is not just a professional and top-notch audiologist. She is an artist!


All the staff at Flatirons Audiology are super great. They provide awesome customer service.


Dr. Julie is a knowledgeable, caring professional who takes such pride in the relationships she has with her patients. She genuinely cares for not only their hearing health but is engaged and involved in their overall life successes as well. Personalized care is the hallmark of her practice….this is no cookie cutter office!! Dr. Julie is also one of the few tinnitus specialists in Colorado. Don’t miss the cookies she bakes in her office which are “to die for”.


Julie can solve any hearing problem you can think of. After living in a world of silence for years, I can hear things previously ignored, like the odd squeak in the car.


Dr. Julie is awesome and so is her staff! I would highly recommend this practice!


I love the people! There are no others like them. They wear their hearts on their sleeves. Those awesome cookies that make you feel welcomed and right at home when you enter. Those caring individuals who are always so cheery and bright. They are the ones who work hard at making you get what you deserve and much more. They don’t settle for less and they won’t let you do that either. They make sure you walk out with a smile on your face.


Julie is great. She is incredibly patient and able to help in so many ways. I really like her staff also. I highly recommend them.


Flatirons Audiology is a wonderful, caring office. Doctor Julie is very helpful and kind and fitted me with hearing aides that work fabulously! Thank you!


Here is THE office recommended to take care of the ringing (tinnitus) in your ears. Dr. Julie takes a personal interest in making life easier for people who have tinnitus. Dr. Eschenbrenner’s extensive training and experience results in greater benefits for you. She is well-known for her commitment to serving those persons with hearing problems and tinnitus. Dr. Eschenbrenner has an outstanding office staff. There is a great at-home feeling–with homemade cookies and great hearing aid services.


Wonderful service! Dr. Julie is caring and professional and helped me in a timely manner. I’ve recommended her to my friends and family because of my great experience there!


Dr. Julie and her incredible staff provide a well-rounded approach to achieve the highest level of patient satisfaction. Her technological expertise along with their entire office’s genuine concern for their patients are two of their many qualities that set this office above the rest.


Dr. Julie and her team are the best! Friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. Wonderful experience.


The whole experience of Flatirons Audiology was great, beginning with my first encounter with the front office staff! Dr. Eschenbrenner showed great concern for my mom and her hearing loss! She really wanted the best for her! Absolutely recommend Flatirons Audiology!


Flatirons Audiology is great! I have never had so much fun at the doctor. You can tell the staff gets along so well and takes the time to get to know the patients. And the homemade cookies – Incredible!! Highly recommend them for all your hearing needs!


Dr. Julie is very friendly and knowledgeable. She can help with ear cleaning, hearing aids, ear protection and she is an expert with tinnitus relief. Grab a delicious, homemade cookie while you are there!


Dr. Julie is hands down the best Audiologist I have seen. She treats all types of hearing loss and excels in the treatment of Tinnitus. I would highly recommend Dr. Julie at Flatirons Audiology.


Dr. Julie has been my audiologist for several years. I value the depth of her knowledge, her patience and sincerity in her commitment to diagnose and improve my hearing ability with the best technology we agree is best for me. And please notice that I did say “we” and didn’t say “the most expensive”. Above all, I trust her transparent honesty in all that she says and does. I highly recommend her as your audiologist as well. You won’t be disappointed.

Darryl J. of Longmont, CO, 76 years old and retired after 42 years in the aerospace industry.

After suffering from a loud hissing noise in my left ear for several years, I finally was examined by an Otologist in 2010. My symptoms were really difficult and very much affecting my everyday life. As a result of the examination, the Otologist referred me to Dr. Julie Eschenbrenner at Flatirons Audiology.

Dr. Julie conducted a further examination and determined that I was a good candidate for the Widex Hearing Aid. Dr. Julie patiently worked with me until the Widex programming suited me perfectly. I began using the hearing aid in September 2010.

Since then the program has only been adjusted once and has proven very reliable. I have visited Dr. Julie a few times for various reasons and am always very happy with the results. This program has had almost unbelievable results. The noise is still present, but it no longer is much of a bother, my wife says that the results are practically miraculous.

I have only one thing to say to Dr. Julie and her staff at Flatirons Audiology and that is THANKS!!!!!

Mike S.

I first saw Dr. Julie in October 2011 for tinnitus. I had stopped wearing my hearing aides because I thought they made it worse. After consulting with her, she re-programmed them and I was very pleased with the outcome. Over time, I noticed some subtle changes and returned to her office in January. She explained in detail why I had noticed some changes and with a small adjustment in the hearing aids, the ringing in my ears is very minimal. She took the time to explain how hearing and the brain work together and why, on occasion, it may be necessary to make a minor adjustment in the hearing aid. I would highly recommend Dr. Julie to anyone suffering from tinnitus.


I was referred to Dr. Eschenbrenner for a hearing and tinnitus evaluation following a surgery that resulted in unexpected complications. After completing a very thorough evaluation, Dr. Eschenbrenner took the time to explain the results and treatment options. She was very supportive as well as professional. Although I was very upset by the thought of having to wear hearing aids, she walked me thru the process every step of the way.

After wearing the aids for just a short time, I had to admit they really provided me comfort from the tinnitus. The hearing aids became the first thing I reached for in the morning-even before my coffee! It allowed me to relax and be less anxious throughout the day. The aids gave me an escape route to the awful high pitched noise that was constant in my head and I was able to concentrate more easily on the things I wanted and needed to do.

Dr. Eschenbrenner also took the time to help with other referrals in the medical community and made calls to the insurance company. I would highly recommend Dr. Eschenbrenner to anyone with a suspected hearing loss or tinnitus.

Debra B.

I have been seeing Dr. Eschenbrenner since mid February and she has made a world of improvement in my life. I have had Tinnitus for a number of years and have read a number of articles about it, but then I found out about Dr. E’s program and decided to attend one of her seminars and I was so impressed by her confidence, and professionalism that I just had to come in for a hearing test.

Though I have tried hearing aids before, and was not real impressed, watching her during the test, and hearing what she had to say, I decided to try a pair of aids that she recommended. I couldn’t believe my ears!

Within a couple of visits Dr. E had me hearing things that I haven’t heard for years. She is very easy and fun to talk with, she seems to understand what I am talking about, and if I get frustrated with myself for not feeling able to describe what I want, she seems to know a few different things to try and usually gets it figured out.

And with that I am very proud to say that I can hear bugs, bird’s chirping, and just a number of things that I have forgotten about and it is GREAT to be able to hear again. I very highly recommend a visit to Dr. Eschenbrenner for your hearing needs. This is a very professional practice, and if you like to have fun you are going to the right place.  (And she makes the best cookies in the world!!) Thanks Julie and Koni! I appreciate you both.


I have had a bad case of roaring tinnitus and found Neuromonics through my Audiologist, Dr. Julie Eschenbrenner. She started me on Neuromonics in mid August. I have been using it everyday since that day and have found some relief in the roaring in my ears. I was told that I probably would not be completely rid of the tinnitus. Neuromonics has helped me and I will continue using it as long as I can.


My name is Kyle. I am a 24-year-old male from Arvada, CO. A little over two years ago, I developed a condition known as tinnitus, immediately after being exposed to the sound of a shotgun blast. I have tried to resolve this condition in every way I could find over the last two years. I tried taking vitamins and herbs. I tried acupuncture as well as craniosacral therapy. Tinnitus is an extremely devastating condition to those who suffer with it. I could hear an intense ringing in my head all the time, and I was extremely sensitive to noises that the average person is not sensitive to. Over time it wears you down, and it seemed that there was no escape from it.

After a year and a half of trying to deal with it, I was completely demoralized and depressed. I was even beginning to contemplate suicide. This is when my mother discovered and informed me of the Neuromonics tinnitus treatment. I began using the device in June of 2008. Not only did it provide instant and complete relief when using it, but over time, it has brought me tremendous and permanent relief.

Now, I don’t even recognize the ringing unless I force myself to pay attention to it, and I am much less sensitive to the noises that used to bother me. Also my mental and emotional states are much more positive than they were a year ago (a result no psychologist or psychiatrist could have induced). Overall, I have greatly benefited from using the Neuromonics tinnitus treatment, and I believe many others will benefit from using it as well.


Dear Julie, I just wanted to say thank you for getting me set up with my new hearing aids. I have very much appreciated your expertise and the time that you have taken to listen to my particular needs. The ways that you have found to personalize these hearing aids to fit my life and activities is incredible. I never believed I’d actually be comfortable and happy wearing hearing aids from morning to night, day in and day out, but I am. I love how well I’m hearing and my family does too! Thanks again for using your time and talent to help improve both my hearing and my life.

Donna S, Superior, CO