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Hyperacusis is reduced tolerance for everyday sounds. Continued exposure to loud sounds may exacerbate this condition.


Patients with hyperacusis find that certain sounds are more difficult to listen to than others, and some sounds may cause pain in the ears. Often, the most disturbing or painful sounds can be sudden high-pitched noises like alarms, silverware and dishes, children’s screams, and clapping. Many sounds that were previously perceived as normal can be painful, annoying or irritating to patients with Hyperacusis.

Hyperacusis can be difficult to live with since sound and noise are present in nearly every work, social, or recreational setting. In some patients, it can become so severe that they avoid public or social settings in an attempt to protect their ears from sounds that seem amplified and may annoy them.

Evaluation and Treatment?

We evaluate loudness tolerance in a controlled environment in the sound booth to measure loudness tolerance levels. These levels can help us determine which treatment option is right for you.