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Tinnitus Evaluation

Sadly, many patients with tinnitus have been told there is nothing to be done and they need to learn to live with it. This is simply not true. While there is no cure, there are treatment options that can help return control over your life.

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Schedule an Evaluation

First, see an Audiologist for a hearing evaluation. A comprehensive history and audiometric testing will help to identify the most likely cause and best treatment plan for your tinnitus. In some cases, we may refer you to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist to complete the diagnosis.

How will Flatirons Audiology treat your tinnitus?

Flatirons Audiology specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of tinnitus and we have all the latest technology available. Not every treatment works for every patient and that’s where our expertise works to your benefit.

Treatments Offered

We create a custom treatment plan for each patient. Treatments can include:

Hearing Aids - Most patients with tinnitus have some degree of hearing loss and hearing aids can provide the dual benefit of enhancing hearing and covering, or masking, the tinnitus. Patients with hearing loss and tinnitus are twice as successful in managing tinnitus when they use hearing aids as a part of their treatment plans. For some patients, hearing aids provide enough relief that other treatments are not necessary.

Sound Generator Therapy - Music and some other types of devices such as fans and sound generators can be used as tinnitus maskers to help patients sleep. Sound generators are not meant to mask the tinnitus. Instead, they provide background sound to increase the background neutral activity in the auditory pathways.

Stress Management - Tinnitus can start or worsen during periods of high stress. Many patients report that when they manage their stress, they also reduce the annoyance of their tinnitus.

Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment Program - This clinically proven sound therapy approach is effective in over 90% of patients who reported relief from their tinnitus, an improved ability to fall asleep, a sense of control over their tinnitus and reduced disturbance from their tinnitus.  

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What you can do to help yourself

Reduce Stress - Stress can cause tinnitus and tinnitus can cause stress, resulting in a miserable, self-perpetuating cycle.

Schedule an appointment for an evaluation. Don’t wait. Stop suffering. Tinnitus can take the enjoyment out of your life and we have a high degree of success with treatment. Get your life back on track! Our office number is 303-664-9111.