Comprehensive Hearing Services and Tinnitus Treatment

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For Providers

Flatirons Audiology, Inc. accepts referrals from all medical professionals. We understand that a team approach is the best way to provide optimum patient care and will work closely with you to assure your patient receives the best possible outcome.

Why refer your patients to Flatirons Audiology, Inc.?

  • We will schedule an appointment for your patient at the earliest possible date.
  • We offer comprehensive evaluations consistent with standards-of-care at the nation’s top facilities.
  • Your patient always remains your patient.
  • Your patient is always treated professionally and with the highest standard of care.
  • You are welcome to contact us directly as needed by phone or email.
  • You will receive a complete, understandable and timely report.
  • We work with most major insurance companies.

How to Refer a Patient to Flatirons Audiology, Inc.:

1. Fax us a Referral 303-664-5333

Note: If the patient has Medicare as their primary insurance they will require a written referral from a physician.

The referral for evaluation and/or treatment should state why they are being seen with a diagnosis code.

2. Make an Appointment 303-664-9111 or have your patient call us.

Have your patient download and fill out the appropriate forms on our website related to their referral issue.

  • Click here for patient forms.
  • Click here for directions to our office.
  • If the patient does not have Internet access, have them call the office and we can arrange with them other options for the paperwork.

3. Fax Us Any Pertinent Patient Medical Information

Please send us any appropriate medical information, referral, your reports and notes as well as any previous testing. Our fax number is 303-664-5333.