Hearing Evaluations
What to Expect | Addressing Hyperacusis | Cerumen Removal | Work Place-Related Hearing Loss
What to Expect

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations for Adults and Children
A comprehensive evaluation of hearing under headphones evaluates hearing as it travels through the outer to the middle to the inner ear and a test of bone conduction that tests hearing bypassing the outer and middle ear. This evaluation can determine which part of the ear the hearing loss is in and discriminate between conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. We not only test how well you hear tones, but also how well you can hear and discriminate speech. Sometimes hearing is not the only problem, it’s how well you understand speech. This test is conducted in a sound proof booth.

Video Otoscopy
Before any evaluation can begin we need to look in your ears. An otoscope is a piece of equipment designed for looking in your ears to ensure there is no wax or debris in the ear canal and that the eardrum looks normal. Our otoscope is attached to a television so you can see the inside of your ear canals on T.V.

Middle Ear Evaluations
A tympanogram is a test of middle ear function. A probe is placed into the opening of the ear canal and a piece of equipment delivers some pressure toward the eardrum. This test is an objective measure of eardrum function and can give information regarding function. It can show fluid behind the eardrum, a hole in the eardrum, or signs that the eardrum is not functioning properly. A tympanogram is performed during a hearing and/or tinnitus evaluation.

Tinnitus Evaluations
A tinnitus evaluation is a continuation of a comprehensive hearing evaluation where we take a closer look at your tinnitus. The hearing test is continued out to the higher frequencies beyond the frequencies where speech information lies, because often people have tinnitus in the higher frequencies. During a tinnitus evaluation, we try to match the pitch of your tinnitus, the loudness of your tinnitus, and try to see what we can do to cover your tinnitus or even try to interact and change the tinnitus. This information will help us decided which treatment options are right for you.

Addressing Hyperacusis (Sound Sensitivity)

Many individuals with tinnitus also suffer from sound sensitivity. Sounds get too loud too fast and they are uncomfortable. We evaluate loudness tolerance in a controlled environment in the sound booth to measure loudness tolerance levels. These levels can help us determine which treatment option is right for you.

Cerumen (Ear Wax) Removal
Some individuals produce an excessive amount of earwax which must be removed. It can be removed in the office relatively easily. The ear canal must be free of debris for any hearing evaluation to be accurate.

Work Place-Related Hearing Loss Evaluations
If you need a hearing test for your work or you suspect that you have suffered a hearing loss as a result of your job, give us a call. We’ll get you in for an evaluation.

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