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Hearing Aids
There are many different types, styles and technologies of hearing aids on the market. After completing a comprehensive hearing evaluation and discussing the results in detail, we talk about your specific listening needs. What kind of lifestyle do you have, are you in many different listening situations throughout the day (meetings, restaurants, large groups, family gatherings) or do you spend much of your time in quiet, one-on-one situations with the occasional restaurant or small group. Based on the results of the hearing test and listening to what you need, we make suggestions for hearing aids that are specific to you and your budget.

Other Devices that Will Help You Hear Better

Hearing aid fittings using live speech mapping technology
Hearing aids are programmed via a wireless system based on each individuals hearing loss. Hearing aids are programmed while they are in the patients ears and adjusted based on feedback from the patient. Live speech mapping is a way to evaluate a hearing aids performance while in the patient’s ears, taking into consideration the shape the ear and the acoustics of the ear with the hearing aid in the ear. Sometimes we use patients’ family members or significant others’ speech or other noises in the environment and route them through speakers and make sure the hearing aids are amplifying these specific noises appropriately. We are then sure that the hearing aids are set at a level so the patient will optimally hear all speech sounds and environmental noises.

Latest in assistive listening technology (for TV, telephone, etc.)
Assistive listening devices such as amplified telephones and personal amplifiers as well as assistive devices for the television are also available.

Custom ear protection for swimmers, musicians, hunters, and the workplace
We make custom earmolds for use while swimming, sleeping, or any other noisy environments. The earplugs selected are based on each individuals needs and can be made in many different colors.

Custom earmolds for iPod/MP3 and cell phone
We can also make custom earmolds for use with your iPod, MP3 player or hands free cell phone.

30-day trial period with all amplification purchases
By Colorado State Law, there is a 30 day trial period after the purchase of new hearing aids. If you are not satisfied with the new devices you may return them for a full refund, minus a nominal trial fee.

Hearing Aid Adjustments and Reprogramming
All hearing aids today are very flexible. Patients can be very critical of their sound quality and of things they like and do not like about the amplification. If patients can verbalize their complaints; such as “my own voice it too tinny” or “I can’t hear the person I’m sitting with at the restaurant, but I can hear the people at the table next to me clearly.” If patients have specific complaints, the hearing aids can be adjusted accordingly to address their issues. I just have trouble adjusting a hearing aid that sounds “bad”. Adjustments and reprogramming of hearing aids are included in the cost of amplification for the lifetime of the patient and the hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Cleanings, Service, and In-Office Repairs
Every time you come in for a hearing aid check, your hearing aid will be cleaned and a listening check of the hearing aid will be done to make sure the aid is functioning properly. Any repairs that can be completed in the office will be done at no charge as long as the hearing aid is under warranty. If the hearing aid has to be sent in to the manufacturer for repair, the cost will be based on the repairs that are necessary.

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